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  1. Entrepreneurship Development 


  1. To Know about entrepreneurship
  2. To Develop and strengthen entrepreneurial quality, i.e., motivation or need for achievement.
  3. To analyze environmental set up relating to small industry and promoting it.
  4. To Understand the process and procedure involved in setting up small units.
  5. Helping the person to understand environmental changes and opportunities.

Outcomes: Towards end of this course students must achieve following goals:

  • Identify and apply the elements of entrepreneurship and to entrepreneurial processes;
  • Recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and identify the profile of entrepreneurs and their role in economic growth;
  • Use the entrepreneurial mind-set and behave responsibly and ethically in their roles as entrepreneurs.
  • Creatively analyze the business environment, opportunity recognition, and the business idea-generation process;
  • Know how to acquire necessary resources and organizational matters of new venture creation process;
  • Write a business plan that creates and starts a new venture.
  • Apply a strategy for growth and manage the implications of growth;
  • Know how to acquire resources for growth from external sources.


  1. Innovation & Technology Management 


  • To provide a comprehensive perspective on strategies for Innovation & Technology.
  • To bring out management aspects of innovation & technology and discuss the relationship between business strategy and innovation & technology.
  • To appreciate linkage between Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Outcomes: The students will be:

  • Able to understand the importance of innovation & technology management for managers.
  • Able to explore various dimensions of technology, Evolution and growth of Technology.
  • Comprehend the relationship of Technology, Innovation & Business.
  • Understand the role of technology in value creation for business and society.
  • Able to understand and learn the concept of Technology Life cycle and its phases.
  • Comprehend the disruptive technologies and its impact on business & society.


  1. Entrepreneurship Development (MBA)


  • The purpose of this course is to expose the student to the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and Common myths to becoming an entrepreneur. Students will be exposed to the functions of entrepreneurs, and problems faced by them in the real world. 
  • To impart understanding of Entrepreneurial Finance, Assistance and role of entrepreneurial development agencies 
  • To provide insights to students in converting an Idea to an opportunity and develop understanding of various funding sources for a startup. 
  • Familiarizing the students on Developing a Business Plan and to provide basic understanding of Launching a New Venture.
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management is existing program in which we conduct 4- 5 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp for the students. In this Awareness Camp, we invite the renowned speakers for the motivational speech. The session is taken by different -2 speakers for the 1:30 hours. After the completion of program, students receive the certificate and on the last day, they visit industries for their real time exposure and experience.

The objective of this type of Certification Programs is to develop & strengthen the Entrepreneurial qualities, to motivate them for achievements and to enable students to be independent, capable, successful businessman. The course contents of such types of programs should be prepared with its objectives and inputs are normally based on:

  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. Motivation Training
  3. Management skills
  4. Support Systems and procedures
  5. Characteristics of Entrepreneurial behavior.
  6. Contribution of Entrepreneur in Social development.




We propose to cover allied topics of Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation/ Startup Management in the form of short-term certification courses. These certification courses will serve as value added certifications. 

Proposed topics for certification course include:


1.Design Thinking: This certification course on Design Thinking will aim: 


  1. a) To immerse students into the world of innovation as a systematic process of tackling relevant business and/or social problems.
  2. b) To provide a social and thinking space for the recognition of innovation challenges and the design of creative solutions.
  3. c) Using a practical hands-on approach, this course will support student in the sketching, conception and early development of an innovation challenge, which is a critical input for the innovation course.
  4. d) To exercise their foresight and insight muscles in the process of opportunity identification/creation.


  • Gain in depth knowledge about creative thinking and design thinking in every stage of problem
  • Applying design thinking to your real-life problems / situations in order to evolve an innovative and workable solutions
  • Understand and implement design thinking to your real-life problems / situations


  1. Intellectual Property Rights: Development of IPR is a recent phenomenon. It is still in a nascent stage and continuously evolving every passing day. The process of IP protection starts with identification of the same and formulating right policies and processes to ensure that IP is handled and managed effectively in the organizations.  The course shall give a brief overview of the IP landscape in India. It shall also dwell into the role of IP in the modern intangible economy. 


  • To introduce the participants with the Origin and Fundamentals of IP and IPR, Significance of technology acquisition and its utilization
  • To create awareness about Assessing a new idea, its patentability & patent filing process
  • To learn about various forms of IPR: Trademarks, Copyright & Industrial designs etc., their features and characteristics


  • This certification course will Generate awareness among the participants about the various aspects of IPR,
  • Sensitize the participants about the role of IPR in innovation and invention, and 
  • Highlight the significance and use of IPR in entrepreneurship development.


  1. Innovation Management: Today's organizations are facing threats more than before. There are risks if organization is stagnating into status quo and don't want to improve the capabilities. Innovation management combines both change management and management of innovation process. Innovation can be in product, business process, marketing or organization. In this course participants will learn basics about innovation management like different types of innovation, different ways to innovate and how you can change your organization's everyday life into encouraging innovation, challenging existing and improving market position. This course will provide with the foundations necessary to become that Innovation leader. Participants will learn to take a systematic approach to innovation. They will be exposed to variety of innovations types and approaches that are essential to develop a solid innovation strategy through concrete methods and tools to facilitate the innovation process. They will learn how to use tools to be innovative such as TQM, Porter's Five Forces, Knowledge Sharing Spiral, PEST Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, SWOT Analysis, Growth share matrix, and Change Readiness Survey.


  • To understand innovation management terminology and concepts 
  • To understand innovation adoption life cycle 
  • To define creativity and explain how creativity can be stimulated 
  • To explain what an innovation strategy is and why it is important 
  • To describe what a product portfolio is and how innovation projects should be selected and managed
  • To learn how to use various tools to be innovative in management of business/ startup


  • This certification course will help participants to develop an innovative mindset, map and understand the process of innovation, and 
  • Gain expertise in how firms successfully create new ideas for marketing new products. 
  • The course aims of providing students with the capability to understand the strategic value of information and the tools and techniques that can be used to analyze and use that information to spur innovation.


  • Web Application Development (Workshop mode)

Semester: III- MCA

Course Time: 25 Hours (One week)


Learning objective


    • Students will be aware of current trends technologies and tools of web world
    • Student will learn how to design and develop a static & dynamic website. 
  • Students will learn technological aspects of various web technologies 


  • Students should know basic programming concepts.
  • Students should know about client and server concepts.
  • Students should know some internet operations and basic terms of Internet 

E& IO (Entrepreneurial and innovational Outcome)

    • Students can do different innovation and integrate new ideas for the development of web apps. 
    • Students can develop a static & dynamic website for their clients and his own  
  • Students can become an entrepreneur in the field of web application development.

Value addition

    • All session in workshop and hands on mode will be conducted in computer lab.
  • We can plan an IT company visit for more exposure  


To create awareness about Entrepreneurship, Startup culture and Innovation Management, various awareness programs can be organized in forms of:

  • Formation of entrepreneur club
  • Seminars/ workshops
  • Entrepreneur Summit
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Organizing activities to celebrate World Innovation Day on April 21
  • Organizing activities to celebrate Intellectual Property Day on April 26
  • World entrepreneurship week 
  • Student visits 
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps 
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